Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Are Reportedly Going To Star In The Breaking Bad Movie

Walt And Jesse

I am the one who knocks.

Ever since it was announced that a Breaking Bad movie was happening, everyone has been wondering if any of the old favourites would be appearing in it and it turns out that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman might be showing up as the main characters. Don’t think anyone expected that.

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The news comes from an online film publication called Revenge Of The Nerds which claims to have gotten their grubby little mitts on the cast list for the movie. Alongside Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, the following actors are also said to be confirmed for it according to the site: Krysten Ritter (Jesse’s Girlfriend Jane), Jonathan Banks (Mike), Jesse Plemons (Todd), Charles Baker (Skinny Pete), Matt Jones (Badger) and Robert Forster (The Disappearer).

Breaking Bad

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Obviously this is pretty interesting considering half of them are dead in the timeline of the series and some of them weren’t even in it at the same time as each other, but here’s what Revenge Of The Nerds said about it:

Not only will the story [to] find a way bring back Ritter’s Jane – with whom Jesse had a tragic love affair way back during the show’s first season – but series star Cranston is set to play some sort of role in the new film as well. This, despite both characters having met their ends on the show.

I guess they’re gonna be in it via flashbacks or something? Guess we’ll have to wait and see about it but this news has definitely got us excited about it. Just gotta hope it’s true I guess, but either way I’m sure Vince Gilligan will have this all sorted out.

For more of the same, check out all we know about the movie so far. There are hints out there.


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