Graphic Video Emerges Showing Man Left For Dead After Birmingham Street Fight

Brutal Street FIght

Disturbing footage.

We tend to post a lot of knockouts and fights on the site because everyone loves seeing someone get knocked the f’ out, especially when they deserve it which is usually the case. Unfortunately this isn’t really one of those times though. To be frank, this is a thoroughly depressing video.

The video below is what Jim Ross would probably describe as a ‘legal mugging’ were it a WWE show. It’s not though. It’s real life and the man in question is getting the ever loving shit kicked out of him and it’s extremely disturbing to watch.

The video starts with about five guys chasing a couple of other guys onto the forecourt of a petrol station. They then proceed to beat the absolute tar out of them to the point that they’re actually unconscious, and then kick them in the head a few times for good measure whilst they’re slumped on the ground. Bold moves.

Oh, and then after they leave they come back a few seconds later to rob all his stuff and kick him a bit more too. Absolutely sickening.

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I told you it was grim didn’t I? The way his head is slumped on that pavement at the end of it really has me worried.

No idea if he’s OK either as the only information I have about this video is that it took place at a petrol station on Bristol Street in Birmingham. If you know anyone in it doing the attacking then please report them to the police because this straight up wrong and uncalled for and these thugs need to be locked up if they’re going around doing stuff like this. If you know the guy getting battered too it would be cool if you let us know how he was doing.

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