Brutal Sketches From Russia’s Gulags

The Gulag prison camps in Russia were a real life horror story. Here’s some sketches made by a guard. They are eye openingly brutal.

People on hunger strike were fed through their nostril. The Gulags would not execute an unhealthy man. So they had to force them to get well before they could be shot:

Gulag - Danzig Baldaev - Hunger Strike Feeding Nostril Gulag - Danzig Baldaev - interrogation

High level criminals and gang leaders were treated much better than political prisoners and enemies of the state. They often had their own sex slaves and grunts working for them. So the real criminals had a much nicer life than those who were in there for ideological or invented reasons:

Gulag - Danzig Baldaev - kingpin criminals

Guards picking out their sex slaves:

Gulag - Danzig Baldaev - picking sex slave Gulag - Danzig Baldaev - prisoner on prisoner

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