This Brutal Reality TV Show’s Rules Include Rape And Murder

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The real life Hunger Games.

Not so long ago we reported on the brutal new reality TV show in Russia that has been dubbed the ‘real life Hunger Games’.

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The show, entitled ‘Game2Winter’, will see 30 participants left in the Siberian wilderness to battle wildlife and extreme weather conditions where temperatures drop to as low as -50 degrees. Although the winning prize is £1.3million, the rules state that anything goes including fighting, alcohol, smoking, murder and rape. Only in Russia.


Despite this sounding like the worst possible way to spend nine months, already a couple of the contestants have been confirmed, including a model and a “professional blonde” (something tells me she’s not going to last).

In the game, contestants will only have one set of clothes and a knife to brave the elements. They will only receive basic wildlife training and will need to hunt in order to eat. As said, survivors who last the whole nine months will split the prize (meaning they will be driven to try and oust as many people as possible).

Millionaire and inventor of the show Yevgeny Pyatkovsky added that, although contestants will be subject to Russian law, security would not intervene if there was, “physical violence, rape, or murder”. Absolute madness.


One applicant (the “professional blonde”) is 28-year-old Oksana Shiganova from the Russian Arctic. Here’s what she had to say:

I am a professional blonde, a girl who loves dresses, manicures and shopping.

I love myself and will definitely not make it through the show without help. But this is what will make it so interesting to follow me.


She’s not wrong – I’ll tune in to watch her struggle in the wilderness. Meanwhile, another contestant, Irina Agisheva, said she was ready to test herself in the show:

I want to do something so mad and unforgettable so that people later say ‘do you remember that girl…’

We only live once and we must make the best of our lives.


Yeah you do only live once, and that one time might be cut short if you make the wrong move on this show. Either way, good luck to them – they’re going to need it.

If you’re interested in watching the show, it will be broadcasted in July this year and will be on air for 24 hours each day in many languages including English. Can’t wait for this.

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