Watch The Brutal Moment A Circus Crocodile Rips Off Its Trainers Face (Graphic)

Crocodile Trainer's Face Ripped Off


It’s always dangerous when you take a wild animal into captivity for a circus show, even when you think you’ve managed to domesticate it somehow. You’re only fooling yourself, because a moment like the one in the video below is only a couple of moves away.

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The footage is taken from Ha Nam, Vietnam, where a circus trainer is looking like he’s trying to fit his head inside the mouth of a crocodile for a lot of oohs and aahs from the crowd. Unfortunately these pretty promptly turn to screams of terror as the crocodile clamps down on the trainer’s cheek and looks to flip him in a death roll, which could quite possibly have broken his neck.

Fortunately the trainer manages to get out just in time, but he rips his cheek off – which doesn’t look too good – and is probably going to be considering his profession for some time too as well:

Yeowch. Not that I was ever considering it but no way I’m putting my head inside a crocodile’s mouth anytime soon after that video. Think the trainer turned out OK afterwards, but it probably still definitely hurt and isn’t exactly an experience anyone is going to be queuing up to try out any time soon after that, is it?

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