Here’s One Of The Most Brutal MMA Knockout Kicks Of All Time

Brutal Kick Knockout MMA


This dude Sheldon Reid has only ever had three MMA fights but he’s getting a huge buzz about him after this video of him started going viral.

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In the video, Reid performs one of the sweetest and most brutal knockout kicks we’ve ever seen. He’s fighting a guy called Julio Calcina at Shinobi War 7. He sees the opening and just jumps up and kicks Calcina so hard in the face that he’s instantly knocked out and you can see it in the way that his head just turns upwards like there’s absolutely nothing left in the tank. And there wasn’t, he’s out before he hits the floor:

Oof. That really was all that she wrote. See you next time pal, and maybe we’ll be seeing Reid in some bigger fights/promotions if he keeps scoring knockouts like that. Not sure about his celebration though, think he probably needs to calm down a bit there.

We were buzzing last week about this MMA knockout kick, but I think this one is better because he literally knocks him out as soon as he connects with it and the guy just flops to the floor like it’s nothing.


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