This Is One Of The Most Brutal Front Kick Knockouts In MMA History (Super Slow-Mo)

Font Kick Knockout

That’s all she wrote.

Last week over in the Extreme Fighting Championship, Luis “Sapo” Santos (who went into the fight with a record of 60-9-1) was taking on Alfredo Morales and it led to one of the sweetest front kick knockouts of all the time.

We’re at the start of the third round when the two of them are sizing each other up and Santos just decides to end it right there and then by kicking him in the face. That’s all she wrote.

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Bang. I love the way his head springs backwards and you see him spit something out because he got hit so hard. Absolutely brutal, and that’s why Santos is one of the top fighters in the XFC.

For more incredible knockouts, check out this compilation of them below:


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