These Two Bros Defending Their Right To Hold House Parties In LA In A Court Is The Best Video Of The Year


You might have heard recently that Los Angeles was planning on banning house parties due to the excessive noise and well, partying that they bought to the neighbourhood, but it turns out that the kids of LA aren’t ready to let this happen without a fight – and they’re willing to go via the proper channels too.

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In the video below, a couple of guys that can only be described as total bros are showing up at a court hearing to plead their case for allowing house parties to continue in the area. I don’t really want to give you any spoilers because it’s great going into this without any expectations because you’ll never believe some of the things that both of them say:

Wow. I never thought it was possible to hear someone speak some eloquently and passionately about something so stupid.

The whole scene is just completely and utterly preposterous and it’s pretty much summed up by the judge’s final statement ‘thank you to Bill and Ted there’. So deadpan, I loved it.

Unfortunately, it turns out that this video isn’t real and Chad and JT are actually comedians and not the house party enthusiasts that they’re portraying here, but I suppose that only makes the video slightly less funny. They’ve really nailed bro culture, I just wish that Chad and JT were actual real people – I suppose having his name as Chad Kroeger was a bit of a giveaway though.

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