This Bro’s Game Is Straight Up Rapey And Cringeworthy (VIDEO)

Frat Bro Pinching Ass

Jesus dude give it a rest.

We’ve all been to pool parties and we’ve probably all attempted to get some at a pool party.

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I’m not sure what your techniques at trying to get some involve but if they’re anything like this frat bros then you need to take a serious look at your game. It’s also probably pretty likely that you’re not actually getting some either because I seriously don’t think that stuff like this ever works.

The video basically involves this frat bro drunkenly stumbling around the party and fumbling the girl he’s after any which way he can, either grabbing her butt, putting his arm around her or trying to kiss her. It doesn’t even look like he’s trying to engage in a conversation with her or anything, just confident that his good looks and great body will do the work for him.

That might work for some dudes, but not when you look like this guy. Watch and learn (what not to do):


The guy is honestly lucky that the woman has the patience of a saint because she could quite easily have gone ballistic on him for acting like that because it’s pretty out of order when she’s made her feelings on the matter clear pretty much straight away. It’s obviously a no go area but unfortunately some guy don’t know how to take no for an answer. That needs to change.

For more reasons why frat bros are the complete and utter worst (I’m assuming this guy is a frat bro, and come on he probably is) then check out the 10 most horrific fraternity hazing stories.


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