Shocking Moment Gang Launch Sawn-Off Shotgun Attack On Man In Street In London (VIDEO)

Roadman level = 1000.

CCTV in Brixton, south London captured what must be the three baitest looking ‘roadmen’ in history launch a shotgun attack on a 21-year-old man in broad daylight.

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The victim, who begins to leg it as soon as he realises what’s going on, doesn’t quite make it away in time, although he does keep running after he’s been shot:

That’ll ruin your day won’t it? The man suffered a gunshot wound to the chest and windpipe but the good news is he was taken to hospital and has since made a full recovery.

A 16-year-old schoolboy who was walking to the library also got caught up in the attack and suffered a minor gunshot wound to the arm. Major street cred for that kid!

To watch some wannabe tough guy fire a shotgun and completely own himself in the process – click HERE.


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