Britney Spears’ Instagram Account May Prove She’s Having Meltdown #2

Britney Spears

Oops I did it again.

Britney Spears looks as though she’s a perfectly healthy human being so I’m not sure why she has to resort to posting stock images on her Instagram to try and convince the world that she’s eating healthily.

Nevertheless, she did this yesterday when she posted the following image on her Instagram account:

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It’s honestly too good to be true mmmm 😋

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A guy called Daniel Christopher agreed that Britney’s dinner did look too good to be true and immediately started researching it on the internet – it turns out that it’s a picture that comes from a Food Network Recipe for grilled corn from chef Tyler Florence.

Up late at night thinking about these problems Daniel? Anyway, the story gets even worse when it turns out that this image is literally the number one image you come across when Googling Mexican Corn. Come on Britney that’s just lazy.

Mexican Corn Google Search

But the question still remains as to just why Britney even needed to do this? I’m sure whatever she was eating was probably as healthy and looked as nice as the Mexican Grilled Corn in that image, so why lie to everyone about it? What is it even going to achieve except make everyone think that she’s a bit of a weirdo?

Sure, she did say it’s almost too good to be true which might make you think that she’s kind of trolling us a bit, but even so it’s not even a good troll and just comes across as being kinda desperate and needy and just basically weird. I thought you were better than that Britney.

Well no actually, who am I kidding? I mean we’ve heard her unedited vocal tracks before so we know she’s a bit of a sham, but this is just next level. Pitiful.


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