Britney Spears Keeps Posting And Deleting The Same Boob Pic On Instagram

Is Britney OK?

We’re all about the #FreeBritney movement here on Sick Chirpse, and have written a fair bit over the last few weeks about how f*cked up the terms of Britney’s conservatorship are; mainly the fact her dad has essentially complete control over her professional, financial and personal life.

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It’s sad and terrible, but at the same time, I don’t know that Britney has been doing herself any favours of late as the situation gets dragged through the courts. First, going on a wacky rant about her dad and sister, and now, bizarelly, posting and deleting the same picture on Instagram THREE TIMES in the past 4 days… (hopefully she hasn’t deleted this one too by the time you see it)


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Should a picture like that influence any judge’s decision when it comes to Britney’s conservatorship? In an ideal world, no. But I just don’t get why she’d risk something like this to cast even a tiny bit of doubt into the mind of those who will decide her fate in the coming weeks.

Then again the support for #FreeBritney has been so great recently that maybe the judges have no choice but to set her free. Just as long as the doesn’t bust out the clippers and umbrella again, I think we’re all good. Go Britney Go!


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