Watch The British Police Raid Dozens Of Houses And Arrest 32 Dealers In Coordinated Strikes


Strike day.

It’s always one of the best parts of a movie/TV show when the police get ready to move against the bad guys in co-ordinated strikes because you get to see some tense, high adrenalin action scenes of people running around and smashing doors in, knowing that if they don’t time it properly then some bad guys might end up getting away. Of course, there’s usually a mole or someone screws something up which makes these scenes even better.

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Even though those scenes are obviously based in reality, I never thought days like this actually happened in real life, but it turns out they do. BBC 3 were there to catch a recent co-ordinated strike in England against 32 drug dealers as dozens of houses were raided outside of London. This is some pretty dramatic stuff:

Man, that is some serious stuff eh? Probably even more dramatic than some of the movies and TV shows I was talking about – loved the build up especially, as it kind of made out like they were going to raid the crack dens and that where there might be some serious trouble, not just their regular houses. Still enjoyed seeing it all go down though mind.

For more of the same, check out this guy battering himself in the back of a police car trying to blame the cops for it. It doesn’t work.


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