Arrested Man Batters Himself In Back Of Cop Car, Tries To Blame The Police

Fish smuggler

Nice try.

A suspected fish smuggler was arrested recently and put in the back of a patrol car in the city of Atyrau in Kazakhstan. The unnamed man had apparently been caught smuggling around 210kg of carp in his car.

He probably wouldn’t have been charged with anything too heavy (although I’m not an expert on the Kazakhstan laws on fish smuggling). Regardless, he obviously felt it was worthy of attempting an escape route. Instead of sitting back and waiting to be taken to the station, the man decided to punch himself in the face and then try to pin the whole thing on the police. You can see him call the emergency services as soon as he is finished beating himself up.

In theory, quite a good idea. There are lots of corrupt coppers knocking about, so it would be quite a believable story. The only hole in his plan is that the police had a dash cam so the entire thing was caught on camera:

Wow. I would not want to mess with that guy — if he can beat HIMSELF that hard, imagine what he could do to another person.

As said, good try, but you got busted big time. Probably isn’t going to help his case that he tried to frame the police on top of the fish smuggling thing.

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