British OnlyFans Model Facing Abuse From Ex-Boyfriends After Revealing She Is Transgender



A trans woman who is so convincing that her ex-boyfriends didn’t realise she used to be male is now receiving death threats from said exes and men who jerked off to her OnlyFans pictures after publicly coming out as transgender.

Manchester girl Michelle Alexandra, 27, started her transition aged 12 and claims that she knew from age 4 that she wanted to become a woman. She deliberately chose to come out recently while on holiday in the Dominican Republic because she fully expected the backlash and didn’t want to be in the UK when it kicked off.

Michelle told MailOnline:

“The messages have been horrible and have left me feeling very scared for my life. Men who I was previously involved with, or their relatives have been saying things like “we hope you die,” or “we’re going to kill you.” The things that are being said are disgusting and deeply hurtful.

Some of them are very angry and feel as if sleeping with me now makes them gay. News of me coming out went viral and they’ve gone crazy.

It’s left me very nervous about coming back to the UK because I might see some of these people on a night out and they could cause me real harm.

I have blocked all those who have sent me threatening messages but if they persist, I will be forced to contact the police.”

Michelle, who used to be known as Mitch, added:

“Since the age of four I wanted to be a girl and luckily, my family have been very supportive. It’s been a bit more of a struggle for my father and brother but over the years, they’ve come to terms with it.

I was never into boys’ things, didn’t like wearing boys’ clothes and just wanted to play with other girls.”

Michelle insists she never intended to deceive any of the men she slept with (even though she did), but admitted she didn’t tell all of them that she was trans at the time:

“When I was younger, I was dating guys for one or two days that didn’t really know about me then I wouldn’t see them again. They’ve now seen me come out and they’re angry.

This has been the hardest part for me, guys in my DMs just saying, “what the f***”, calling me horrible names and threatening me. They’re making me feel scared.”

Obviously it’s not cool at all that she didn’t tell these boys that she was trans, but are they overreacting a little bit with the death threats? I don’t think having sex with a trans woman (knowingly or not) necessarily makes you gay; after all it’s the feminine aspect that you’re supposedly attracted to. She doesn’t even have a cxck (presumably)! Props to her surgeon and the hormones/drugs she’s been on since age 12, I suppose?

Still, I wonder if any of her ex-boyfriends are looking back now and thinking about any clues they might have picked up on. Either way, hopefully Michelle can eventually return to the UK when things die down a little bit. Until then, enjoy your holiday, Michelle!

For the trans woman left ‘devastated’ after being banned from using a women-only gym, click HERE. Somehow I doubt that’d be an issue for Michelle.



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