The British ‘Nutella Jihadi’ Has Blown Himself In Iraq After Being Used As ‘Shock Trooper’

I guess it wasn’t exactly the five star lifestyle he was advertising over in Iraq.

Pictured above you can see Abu Hurairah al-Britan – the man who became known as the Nutella Jihadi. He was given the name because he posed in a weird ISIS propaganda campaign designed to convince people that going to live and work in the ISIS caliphate was a good idea and would lead to a ‘five star lifestyle’ as they had access to resources like Nutella over there.

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It unfortunately didn’t work out that way for al-Britan or ISIS. Not only are ISIS now facing substantial budget cuts which means they can no longer afford luxuries such as Nutella, but they also sent al-Britan out as as suicide bomber over the weekend, targeting Iraqi army troops. They used him as what they describe as a ‘shock trooper’, who’s purpose is to charge at opposing enemy forces and blow themselves up to clear a way for oncoming jihadi troops.

Nutella Jihadi

Al-Britan is believed to be the fourth British man to die during a suicide bombing, joining Kabir Ahmed, a convicted criminal from Derby, Abu Hajar al-Britani, and Talha Asmal, a teenager from West Yorkshire. Ahmed handed out hateful leaflets which demanded that gay men were hanged in Derby and was jailed in 2012, before heading over to Iraq and killing 8 Iraqi police officers in his attack near the town of Baiji. Asmal was part of a quartet of suicide bombers who killed 11 people in June 2015 and is believed to be Britain’s youngest ever suicide bomber.

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