British ISIS Fighter Who Called Himself ‘Supaman’ Returns To UK Because Syria Was “Too Cold”

Classic pussy terrorist move.

A British man who travelled to Syria to join ISIS lasted just over a month before returning home because he disliked the “cold water”, “bland food” and the fact he was “doing absolutely jack” whilst over there.

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Mohammed Uddin, 29 — who referred to himself as ‘Supaman’ –  was a security guard in Barking, Essex when he decided to pack things up and head over to the war-torn region on November 4 intending to join ISIS and fight for them.

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By December 12, he crossed the border back into Turkey and then on December 22 returned to the UK where he was intercepted by terrorism police at Gatwick Airport, who knew he’d been involved in terrorism-related activity and even found extremist material in his luggage.

Uddin had boasted it was “piss easy” to cross the border from Turkey into Syria in this text message to his mate:

Lol bro, it’s soo easy to get in man, especially during the day, alhamdulillah, we walked in, no running bro. Don’t worry inshallah, don’t stress about getting in here. It’s piss easy.

But he soon found that life with ISIS wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. He’s now been sentenced to 7 years in prison though, so I guess “bland food” and “doing absolutely jack” is what he’s got in store for most of the next decade. Unlucky.


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Just goes to show what BS all those ISIS recruitment videos are. Trying to make out like it’ll be the best decision you ever made, gassing yourself up about fighting the indifels and calling yourself ‘Supaman’ on Twitter, only to pack it in after a month because you’re bored and don’t like the food. Did he not like the way they season their chicken or something?

I suppose he’ll be glad the UK terror cops got to him before the CIA did though. You don’t know want to be victim of the CIA’s torture music playlist, that’s for sure.


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