Britain’s Worst Ever Female Paedophile Is Eligible For Parole After Only Serving Seven Years


Lock her up and throw away the key.

It’s crazy to think that the punishment for paedophilia might be as little as seven years, but that’s exactly what Britain’s worst ever female paedophile might be receiving as it turned out that she was eligible for parole on Thursday after seven years in the slammer.

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45 year old Vanessa George described herself as a ‘paedo whore mum’. She worked at Little Teds nursery in Plymouth where she sexually assaulted young children and took indecent pictures of them to send to her online lover, 45 year old Colin Bianchard from Manchester. Upon sentencing, Judge Justice Royce said that it was effectively a lifetime in jail, but if she was sufficiently rehabilitated by the time seven years had passed, then she could possibly be released.

Those seven years are up as of Thursday, and the parents of those she abused are particularly sickened to hear the news that she could soon be roaming free again. One mother said the following:

It is horrifying to think she could be free after what she did.

She is so clearly a danger to the public and is such an evil woman that I hope she is never released – but the mere fact we are talking about it as a possibility makes me sick to my stomach.


We are living a life sentence for what she did to our children and in my view she should never be allowed out.

Seven years is no punishment for what she did. I know she will never be allowed to return to Plymouth but just the thought of her walking the streets again is a chilling one.

It’s true that her actions are utterly despicable and I personally think that seven years isn’t long enough in the slammer for them, but it’s important to remember that there’s no guarantee that she’ll be let out by any means. All that’s happening is that she has the opportunity to apply for parole and this could easily be denied. If that’s the case, then she’ll have to wait another three years to try again. Here’s hoping she never gets out though eh?

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