Britain’s Most Tattooed Man Changed His Name To ‘Body Art’; Got Stabbed Once For His Appearance

Tattoo Guy

He’s had some ups and downs but doesn’t regret the decision to tattoo his face.

Face tattoos are always going to be controversial by their very nature, but there are always going to be people out there who want them and are prepared to deal with the consequences.

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One of these men is 38 year old Matthew Whelan who loves being tattooed so much that he’s officially changed his name to Body Art. However, despite the fact that he enjoys his tattoos so much he has encountered some problems because of them – most notably when someone stabbed him because they hated his appearance so much.

In the following short BBC Three documentary, Body Art talks candidly about his experiences and why his passion for tattoos trumps them all:

I mean I suppose you’ve gotta have an attitude like that if you’re going to have your whole entire body tattooed aren’t you? Fair play to the guy though, seems like he’s doing what’s making him happy and making it work for him. Long may it continue.

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