The Bristol Post Names & Shames Its Readers Who Left Abusive Messages About Greta Thunberg


I’ve never heard of a publication naming & shaming the people who write abusive comments under their Facebook articles (not even we’ve ever done that FFS), but Bristol newspaper The Bristol Post has done so after some of their readers left abusive messages about Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion.

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Greta was in Bristol last week where thousands of people turned up to join a march around the city centre calling for greater action from governments and corporations around the world regarding rising global temperatures.

Bristol Post wrote a bunch of articles in preparation for Greta’s arrival, and every time they shared one of these articles onto Facebook, it naturally attracted comments not just from people who were interested in attending but also those who think climate change is a hoax and/or just hate Greta Thunberg with a passion.

Most people might just block/ban these sorts of trolls from their pages (if the criticism is overly nasty or OTT), but the Bristol Post went one further and wrote a whole article naming and shaming them. Whoa!

Let’s have a look. First up, Kev Bennett.

Ah yes, 17 is technically not a child so OK to beat her up in Kev’s book. What you really think he’d want Greta beaten up if she was 15? He’s not a complete monster.

Stevie Ralph-Taylor

Burnt at the stake? Bit harsh but somewhat topical I guess.

Max Poncho Morgan

I don’t think this one is too bad so maybe a bit much for Bristol Post to include Mr. Poncho in the list. Plus he’s got ‘Be Kind’ plastered over his own profile pic. Can’t be that bad of a guy, can he? Can he?

Kevin Bird

Yikes. Imagine wanting to “crush” a 17 year old autistic girl who is just trying to make the world a better place (even if you disagree with her or are annoyed by her methods). Not a good look, Kevin! Not a good look at all.

Ash Ashfaq

Weirdly, the Bristol Post has a massive photo of Ash in their article but not one of this other commenter Spencer Trump. Why the omission I wonder? The guy is anti-Greta and his surname is Trump. Everything you’d think the Bristol Post stands against.

And finally…

Anthony Hoskins

Again, don’t think this one is too bad. No hate directed specifically at any one person and just sharing his thoughts on Facebook even if they might be unpleasant. Let Anthony Hoskins live IMO!

So anyway, bit of an unprecedented move by Bristol Post here and it will be interesting to see if this comes back to bite them in the butt. Obviously their reporting is heavily in favour of Greta & Extinction Rebellion but I’m not sure how that jives with the majority of people in Bristol or their readership itself.

I don’t actually mind them baiting up the guys making physical threats against a teenage girl, but to expose/question the rest who are just denouncing her seems a bit much. Bit of a weird power dynamic that could turn nasty.

To meet the teenage ‘Anti Greta’ from Germany who is on a mission to promote ‘climate realism’, click HERE. Imagine her and Greta coming head to head?


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