Bristol Police Taser Their Own Black Race Adviser After Mistaking Him For A Wanted Man

Judah Adunbi

Tragically ironic.

In what might be one of the dumbest police moves of all time, not to mention incredibly prejudice, Bristol officers are under investigation after they tasered their own racial relations adviser thinking that he was a wanted man.

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63-year-old Judah Adunbi was tasered by two police officers after being mistaken for a suspect. Judah was a founding member of Bristol’s Independent Advisory Group, the main aim of which is to improve ties between the police and ethnic and minority communities. How tragically ironic.

Someone even managed to capture the moment on video. In it, Judah was stopped in the street and after refusing to give his name, it ended in a tasering:

Unbelievable. Judah said that the fall to the floor was so hard that he thought he was going to die. He added that it made him feel “humiliated” and that the police dealt with the situation badly. No shit. He added:

It’s a little distasteful in my mouth. To know that one of the founder members of the Independent Advisory Group which was created some years ago in order to improve better relationship between the Afro-Caribbean community and the constabulary and to be treated like this, it’s difficult.

Pretty much says it all. Fuck knows how the Bristol police are going to backtrack from this one. One thing’s for sure – it certainly has severed the ties Judah has been working so hard to secure. Fucking police. You know what this calls for? I think it’s time we got Stormzy in – he knows how to sort out police violence.


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