Bristol Council Is Banning Cheese Toasties In Order To Stop The Formation Of Motorbike Gangs

Cheese Toasties

You what?

I wasn’t really aware that motorbike gangs were a problem in this country – I don’t see anything like the guys from SAMCRO riding around shooting stuff up ever – but if I was I don’t think that my solution for dealing with them would be to ban cheese toasties.

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This however is one tactic that Bristol council is looking to utilise in their battle against the motorcycle gangs that are ‘terrorising’ their city. Apparently cheese toasties are seen as a gateway to motorcycle gangs as they encourage truancy and vans selling them are seen as a meeting point for the beginnings of antisocial behaviour.

Yeah, if you thought that didn’t make much sense then that’s because it doesn’t, but the tactic came to light recently when Bristol council refused to give a licence to a food truck that wanted to sell cheese toasties in the city’s Monk’s Park. Here’s Councillor Claire Hiscott explaining her logic to the Bristol Post:

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They have to have patrols of staff to make sure kids don’t walk off site. The lure of a food concession may encourage kids to take a little walk.

The school has made a lot of effort to encourage healthy eating. We have problems with childhood obesity.

Historically we had antisocial behaviour, not just motorbikes, from young adults gathering with alcohol and causing a disturbance.

Anything that’s going to be a gathering place is likely to bring that back.. We’ve managed to eradicate that. It’s a nice quiet park.

I mean again it seems like quite a leap to think that having a cheese toastie van in a park is going to encourage kids to skip school and start a motorcycle gang, but I suppose these people have more experience in the problem than I do and know what they’re doing? Thoroughly expecting the motorcycle gang problem in Bristol to be eradicated with the advent of this new policy.

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