Bride Whispers To Groom That She Took ‘A Really Big Dump’ Before Wedding, Doesn’t Realise He’s Wearing A Mic


It’s only natural to get nervous/cold feet on your wedding day, especially in the moments leading up to the ceremony itself. It’s entirely possible you’ll spend the minutes before your wedding sat over the shitter taking the biggest dump of your life.

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That’s exactly how this young lady’s wedding day played out over in the States, except she felt the need to tell the groom as soon as she got up to the altar, not realising he had a live mic on him.

Whoops (Via The Sun):

Lol. You just know they’re a solid couple based off the fact she felt comfortable enough to discuss her bowel movements with her husband moments before tying the knot. Just too bad everyone else had to hear it as well when she could have said something way tamer like “I just had to use the bathroom”. Can’t imagine the potty mouth on her when it isn’t her wedding day.

Oh well, let’s just be grateful she wasn’t also wearing a mic while taking said fat dump –  now that would have been a story for the ages.

To watch a groom slap his new wife across the face after she trolled him with the wedding cake, click HERE. Not the greatest start to married life.


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