This Brexit Front Page Headline Is Absolutely Inspired


Sums up the current situation perfectly.

Whether you were dead against Brexit or dead for it, I don’t think that you can argue right now that the government’s response to the incoming divorce from the European Union has been nothing short of misinformed and completely clueless.

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This was perhaps best summed up yesterday when David Davis – the Secretary Of State For Exiting The European Union – revealed whilst almost giggling that there had in fact been no impact assessment conducted on Brexit at all in the past 18 months. It kind of begs the question of just what the hell anyone has been woking on during that period.

Anyway, this led to the National to post the following front page today, which can only be described as genius really:

I mean yeah, pretty much sums up the situation perfectly right now doesn’t it? Doubt it’s going to get any better any time soon either.

Anyway, as you probably guessed there were a hell of a lot of good interpretations of just what the secret impact reports looked like – here are some of the best:

Yeah it will be interesting to see which one of those illustrations depicts the Brexit situation most accurately come next year. I’m betting probably some kind of combination of all of them as it really doesn’t seem like anyone involved even has a slight clue of what’s going on and I can’t see it getting any better. So it goes.

For more of the same, check out this guy who predicted Trump and Brexit making another terrifying statement about the EU. Ugh.


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