Last weekend while I was getting ready to go out and play in the glorious sunshine that had blessed Manchester, I had the unlucky experience of accidentally catching a few moments of the well known musical ‘dramady’ that is Glee.


After only a few minutes of having my retinas abused by the god awful excuse for human beings that is the Glee cast I lost all control and posted this abusive Twitter update:

A week later and I regretted my outburst. I told myself that just because I felt offended by the show (and everything it stands for/is related to in any way shape or form) it was my own personal opinion and I should have controlled the temptation to irresponsibly vent my anger with the use of profanities through a social network.

After feeling down for a while I was instantly uplifted when I came across someone I respect who shared my opinion. Bret Easton Ellis – author of American Psycho/total badass (they come hand in hand) – must have also accidentally watched some of the show and decided to share his views with the world of twitter:

Unlike me, Bret wasn’t ashamed of his public outburst and even followed up his original tweet a few hours later just to let everyone know he was being totally serious and actually thought he had contracted HIV from watching just one episode of Glee:

Wahay! I’m not the only one who feels like they have lost part of their soul after watching this ‘entertainment’ program.

I really hope Bret didn’t actually contract HIV from watching Glee – although I’m pretty confident that you can’t actually catch a virus from just watching an awful programme through a television screen. I will however continue to check his twitter for updates on his health just to be sure. Hopefully he was lucky and only caught sight of this ‘girl’ (I use the word loosly) who has definitely never had any kind of sexual contact with anything that breathes:




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