‘Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring Stars As A Dictator In ‘FarCry 6’

This looks good.

‘FarCry’ is one of the biggest video game franchises out there and it’s always exciting when they bring out a new edition because it’s very interesting to see what kind of massive open world landscape and storyline they’re going to come up with this time.

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For ‘FarCry 6’, Ubisoft seem to have decided to base the game on an island called Yara that looks very similar to Cuba and have also roped in Giancarlo Esposito from ‘Breaking Bad’ to play the dictator who currently rules over it. The trailer focusses on him and his son Diego as he prepares him to become the next President of the island – I assume you’ll be playing some character that tries to overthrow them or something:

I mean that was pretty intense wasn’t it, although it’s kind of annoying that it didn’t show us any gameplay or the real plotline or what we’ll be doing in the game. Still got me pretty interested though, can’t deny that.

Love the image of a statue falling down – very apt given the events of the past couple of months. Wonder if they just added that in last minute to reflect the current vibe of the world.

For more of the same, take a look back at ‘FarCry 5’. What a game that was.


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