Watch The First 4 Seasons Of Breaking Bad In This 9 Minute Video

Walt and Jesse

Have you forgotten why you need to be excited for Breaking Bad? Don’t worry, help is at hand.

“Have you seen Breaking Bad? Oh my god you should, it’s the best show on TV” was one of the most common phrases of the past couple of years. Probably. The AMC show was running the TV drama game, when director Vince Gilligan decided it’d be a good idea to split the 5th and final season into two eight-episode mini-seasons. I didn’t think that was a good idea because I’d already chewed my fingers off watching Heisenberg and friends cavort on their jolly old meth-escapades (methscapades?), and to have the no doubt explosive conclusion snatched away from me for a year was tantamount to water boarding.

☛ Not HeisenbergBreaking Bad Fan Tries To Dissolve Body In Acid Bath

However, the wait is nearly over. The final 8 episodes of the final half-season begin on August 11th, which is literally not too far away. If you were to try and watch every single episode in order to refresh your memory, it’d take up a good few hours of each day and seriously harm productivity. Luckily, some kind folk have created a 9-minute Breaking Bad refresher, which brings together all the important plot points of the past four and a half seasons. If you’d forgotten just how dark (read: cool as fuck) Walt had become then this is your chance to be reminded. It’s really interesting to see his transformation from bored science teacher to all-conquering drug emperor again, especially condensed into a brief montage of sorts.

So, practice shouting “yeah bitch!” and dust off your fedora because it’s nearly time for Breaking Bad to return. Will Hank finally catch Walt? Will Skylar stop giving away money to people who trip over rugs? Will Walt Jr do something of interest? We’ll find out in a few weeks.


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