BREAKING: A Gorilla Is On The Run After Escaping His Enclosure At London Zoo


Let’s pray we don’t have another Harambe situation on our hands.

A gorilla has reportedly escaped his enclosure at London Zoo and is now on the run.

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Video footage emerged on social media today of armed police hunting the escaped animal at the popular tourist attraction, while another user tweeted a picture of the gorilla banging against his window just half an hour before he escaped.

Scotland Yard released a statement saying:

Police were called by security at Regent’s Park at 5.17pm to reports of an ongoing incident.

Officers are there to support ZSL staff.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the zoo said:

The Zoological Society of London are managing an incident on site.

I’m going to say what we’re all thinking – those officers and their guns need to be careful, or they’re going to have another Harambe situation on their hands. And if this happens again, no doubt there’s going to be an uproar. Fingers crossed they get this gorilla home safe and no one gets hurt. We’ll keep you posted on any updates when they come in.

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