Brazilian Friends Live Stream The Moment They’re Shot Dead By A Police Helicopter

Brazilian Friends Live Stream

A long time ago, it seemed like it was pretty hard to find any footage of people actually dying, be it on the internet on a secret video tape or something, but now thanks to Facebook Live and other live streaming platforms, it seems like you can pretty much find footage like that every day if you look hard enough. What a time to be alive.

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This latest video comes courtesy of some kids in Brazil, who are driving along in their car when they hear a police helicopter overhead. At first they seem fairly nonchalant about its presence, but then the phone camera is dropped to the floor as gunshots ring out.

Pretty harrowing stuff:

Told you it was grim.

It’s believed that three of the four boys in the video died as a result of this attack, and that they were suspects in a police operation against drug trafficking in the city. Nothing like innocent until proven guilty eh?

RIP to them, even if they were drug dealers I don’t think anyone deserves to go out like that, especially when it seems like they weren’t even committing a crime or doing anything to resist arrest or anything. I mean surely if you were up to no good you wouldn’t be live streaming it, right? I guess the cops over there really are judge, jury and executioner.

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