Watch These Skaters Take Down A Phone Thief In Brazil And Smack The Shit Out Of Him In Traffic

Respect to these guys.

When the police can’t quite get there fast enough, it’s good to know there are guys like this over in Brazil who happened to see a petty theft take place and ensured the victim got her possessions back, as well as giving the thief a good few slaps before sending him on his way.

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VIA the uploader (translated from Portuguese):

Skating with a camera in hand, Ademar Luquinhas pursues and captures a thief who tried to flee after stealing a phone from a lady in Belo Horizonte …

Watch below:

Might’ve been better if they also pinned the guy down until someone showed up to arrest him, but I guess we can settle for watching him get Happy Slapped and nearly run the fuck over there at the end. Very important to keep your head on a swivel when running through traffic, especially in that part of the world.


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