Most Menacing Little Kid Ever DESTROYS Classroom While Teachers Stand Around Unable To Stop Him

The law in Brazil means the teachers are powerless to stop this kid going on the rampage.

In Brazil, as with many other places, the way things work means you can’t get physical with kids in school which means when a situation like this one arises, you’re pretty much out of luck as a teacher in terms of how you handle it.

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Barking orders at him definitely isn’t helping, that’s for sure:

Might as well sign this kid up to the WWE right now because he has all the makings of a classic wrestling villain. Just no regard for authority whatsoever. Apparently police were called after the video cut out and they were able to lead the kid away, so maybe not exactly on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s level yet.

P.S. Hopefully the cops that turned up didn’t use this brutal tactic like the cop over in the States did in a classroom earlier in the week.


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