This Brawl Between South American Football Hooligans Is Absolutely Brutal

Argentina Peru Football Hooligans

The most savage use of a belt we’ve ever seen.

It’s all very well having the banter and shouting at rival football fans when you’re at the game or on the way to the game, but when that spills over into actually beating the shit out of everyone, then that’s where it crosses the line. This video shows why this is the case.

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The video showcases a clash between Argentinian and Peruvian fans at the stadium during a match between the two national teams and it’s completely brutal. No idea which side are fans of which team, but one set absolutely dominate the other, whipping their belts in the faces of the opposition and throwing laundry baskets at limp and prone bodies on the floor.

It’s absolutely savage:

Whoa. I liked the way that all the fans just ran past the two guys that were completely fucked up on the floor and didn’t even check if they were OK or needed any help because they had such a bloodlust to attack the members of the opposite firm.

It’s kind of ridiculous when you think about it, but I guess that’s football hooligans for you, and despite the majority of people’s best intentions, it’s probably never going to die out entirely. It’s just part of the game unfortunately.

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