Intense Footage Of Brave Neighbours Helping Man Escape Burning Building

The cameraman is no help at all, but thankfully this man’s neighbours were.

0:18 seconds in = “we gonna get some paper off this shit my nigga, chill out”

Oh look, a man hanging out of a highrise window while his flat burns to the ground. How much d’you reckon we can get for the footage though? Some people see this kind of thing as a man narrowly escaping death thanks to the help of others but other people like our cameraman here sees it as a chance to cash in. Shame he didn’t fall all the way to his death I suppose?

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Anyway, forget the cameraman, this video is pretty insane especially when things get serious around half way and the smoke really starts picking up. How lucky is the guy that those people were there to help him? Awesome to witness:

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