Branding Gigi Hadid ‘Racist’ For Her Melania Trump Impression Is Political Correctness Gone Mad (VIDEO)


Is this racist?

Gigi Hadid usually only sparks controversy for her half-naked photoshoots, but after her shot at co-hosting the American Music awards, she’s now been branded a racist.

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Hosting alongside Jay Pharoah, in a bid for some topical banter she decided to have a go at mimicking the soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump. Although she got a few laughs at the time for swiping Melania’s plagiarism fuck up, Gigi has now received backlash from the online community who are furious that she would mock her foreign accent. Here are just a few of the hate-filled comments:

Melania Trump is going to be the First Lady of the USA! This was the highest form of disrespect possible,

The funny thing is, if Melania was black, she wouldn’t DARE attempt an impersonation.

Racist, much?

She should stick to modelling.

I think it’s pretty strong calling her a racist – if anything she was ripping into Melania’s incredibly surgically enhanced face and the fact that she jacked Michelle Obama’s speech. I don’t think it was meant to be a jibe on her accent.

Still you can’t do anything online these days without someone getting offended. Maybe just stick to your normal gigs like posing naked on a horse Gigi… just to be on the safe side.


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