Brandi Love Got Kicked Out Of A Conservative Student Event For Being A Porn Star

Very unfair.

Conservative porn star Brandi Love was pretty excited to be attending the ‘Student Action Summit’ with Turning Point USA in Tampa, Florida last weekend, having initially been invited as a VIP guest.

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Sadly, her VIP pass was suddenly revoked following backlash from outraged parents of high school students in attendance and Christian organisers of the event. A bunch of people had kicked up a fuss on social media, slamming the organisation’s decision to allow a porn actress to attend an event targeted at 15 and 16-year-olds.

Naturally, Brandi was a little disappointed…

The worst part is that they presented Brandi with a VIP pass and then booted her out once she turned up. That’s just downright rude and f*cked up TBH, even without getting into the hypocrisy of it all. I mean isn’t this meant to be the side that’s all about freedom of speech and freedom of expression? No freer expression than being banged on camera for money, surely. It’s exactly what America’s founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the First Amendment. Couldn’t they have spoken to Brandi about it first, instead of just ruthlessly kicking her out of the event?

Not to mention – having a porn legend like Brandi Love at the event would’ve been good for the movement. It doesn’t look like she’s on Instagram but she has 830,000 followers on Twitter and God knows how many on OnlyFans. Conservatives are always moaning that the Left has a monopoly on the entertainment and media world – so why reject a big time porn star who’s trying to help you out? Somehow I don’t think Donald Trump would have had a problem with it if he was still in charge, do you?

Well anyway, I don’t know what this means for Brandi Love’s political affiliation and to be quite frank, I don’t really care. It’s just kinda lame she was made to feel like an outsider and ‘not good enough’ to attend, especially after being so enthusiastic about it on social media. Come on Turning Point – you owe Brandi Love an apology!

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