Bradford Teen Outruns Guards In Court Escape With Help From His Friend (VIDEO)

That’s a true friend right there.

A pair of Bradford chavs managed to outsmart staff at Bradford Crown Court after one of the men pressed the button for an automatic door to fly open, allowing his phone-thieving buddy to make a dash for freedom moments after he was sentenced.

Callum Finter, 21, pushed the button which allowed his 17-year-old pal, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to escape:

Lol. Those 4 security guard were hardly in ‘hot pursuit’ were they? This kid basically outran four Teletubbies. Four security guards escorting one prisoner and not one of them is in shape? Fat tubs couldn’t catch a cold, let alone a lightning-quick 17-year-old making a dash for freedom.

Anyway, fair play to Callum Finter for attempting to help his mate go free. That’s a real friend right there. Although it did backfire spectacularly in both their faces as the phone thief got an extra 6 months in prison and Finter ended up doing 3 months himself. Maybe next time run before they know who you are? Not after they’ve got your name, sentenced you and booked you into the system. Lesson learned.

Bonus video – cop obliterates himself attempting to stop drug suspect escaping courtroom:

^ A+ for effort. Those Bradford security guards should hang their heads in shame after watching that.

To watch what happened to a pair of handcuffed criminals in Brazil who tried to escape police custody, click HERE. Highly regrettable.


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