This Gang Of Yobs In Bradford City Centre Are The Worst Human Beings On The Planet (NSFL)

Absolutely sickening.

This clip has been doing the rounds online with thousands of people getting in touch with West Yorkshire Police, who are fully aware of the incident, to make sure they are doing something about it.

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It’s a seriously disturbing clip that you might not have the stomach for, after all it features 10 idiots ganging up on one boy in Bradford City Centre, knocking him off his bike and beating the absolute crap out of him.

Don’t press play it if it’s going to upset you too much.


Watch below:

How messed up is that? What makes it worse is that there seems to be some kind of security guard just standing there watching, not to mention all the passers-by who don’t get involved. I mean that poor kid is utterly defenceless and these guys are just kicking him in the head like it’s the most casual thing in the world. Seriously disgusting behaviour.

West Yorkshire Police have provided the following updates:

That’s a start, I guess. There was one more positive update:

Shocking that he only received minor injuries tbf. The lad must be made of seriously strong stuff to withstand an attack like that and walk away with nothing serious.

Let’s hope West Yorkshire Police do their jobs and track down every last person involved.

If you need something more uplifting after that, here’s a great video of a special needs student being asked to prom.


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