Chinese Mall Holds Bra Unbuckling Competition To Celebrate International Women’s Day

Bra Unbcukling Contest

Kinda missing the point?

Over in China, a shopping mall in Lizhou city decided to celebrate International Women’s Day by holding a bra unbuckling competition. What?

The competition involved getting six female models standing in line on stage and then getting eight volunteers up from the audience to unbuckle their bras as quickly as possible, only using one hand. Both men and women were allowed to take part (I guess that signals progress in gender equality?) and the winner was in fact a woman, who managed to do it all in 14 seconds. Those are some quick hands.

Bra Unbuckling Contest 2

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It’s apparently 100% true that this event was commissioned to attract women to the mall to celebrate International Women’s Day, although it seems that they’ve completely and utterly missed the point of it by holding it. Surely it’s supposed to celebrate progress and raise awareness of issues that women face, not objectify them even more by making them the live models in a bra unbuckling competition? That’s all kinds of wrong, right?

I guess that’s China for you though and they’re still a long way behind the times. At least they’re not accusing instant noodles of turning babies gay though.


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