Boy, 17, Stabbed Mum 118 Times Then Told Police To Bring Body Bag



A non-binary private school pupil killed his own mum by stabbing her 118 times and then called police to tell them to ‘bring a body bag’, reports the Metro.

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Rowan Thompson, 17, told police he strangled and knifed Joanna Thompson, 50, before putting the blade in the dishwasher and making himself some lunch.

He then rang 999 after his lunch on July 1 last year, and said:

I have just killed my mum, I probably need someone to arrest me, I think that is what you do.

When asked if he needed an ambulance, Rowan replied:

Yeah, a body bag or whatever.

Rowan admitted manslaughter but denied murder at Winchester Crown Court. However he was later found dead at a psychiatric facility, meaning his trial was abandoned and his mum’s inquest was resumed.

Mrs Thompson was strangled with such brutality her voice box was fractured and she suffered bleeding in her eyes and face, according to pathologist Dr Basil Purdue.

Around 10 – 15 minutes later, Rowan repeatedly stabbed her in the forehead, arm and neck, severing her jugular artery.

The incident happened at Walnut Tree Cottages, Vicarage Lane, Hambledon, Hampshire.

Rowan Thompson identified as non-binary and had reassigned his gender to ‘no sexuality’. He showed signs of being depressed and suicidal.

He had been staying with his dad and stepmum in Barnsley, South Yorkshire until he moved to stay with his mum in Hampshire last June. On the night of the killing, he and his mum were discussing whether he should return to Barnsley.

The victm’s sister, Sophie Rugge-Price, told Winchester Coroner’s Court how living in a small house led to a ‘boiler pot’ situation:

In the last two or three years, Rowan was beginning to show signs of being low and was depressed and had suicidal tendencies.

Rowan changed his name and gender, he had reassigned himself as not having any sexuality.

She (Joanna) always talked of walking on eggshells around him.

He would get upset about things and she was never quite sure what would upset him and what would not.

In fact her sister also said that Joanna had made ‘strange comments’ giving instructions about what should be done for her son ‘if anything happened to her.’

When police arrived at the property following Rowan’s call, he apparently gave them a cheery ‘hello’ and was ‘extremely calm and composed’.

So it sounds like this kid had loads of psychological problems and was probably having a psychotic episode when he murdered his mum. Not that we have to worry about his punishment because he ended up committing suicide at a psychiatric hospital as his trial got underway.

By all accounts Joanna was a ‘very gentle’ and a devoted mother who put her two sons ‘first’, so it’s heartbreaking to know her life ended in such a horrific manner. Rowan clearly needed psychological help which (I assume) he didn’t get, or at least not enough of. RIP Joanna and thoughts with her friends and family.

For the man who murdered his mum, dad, grandma and sister to stop them discovering he had dropped out of uni, click HERE. Um, problem solved?



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