This Kid’s Ever-Growing Head Crack Looks Seriously Painful

Head crack


There are a lot of physical birth defects and deformities out there, but the one in this article really takes the biscuit for being one of the strangest we’ve ever seen.

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The defect belongs to 6-year-old Pheaktra Pov and can best be described as a massive four inch gap across his entire skull. And what’s more, it’s been getting deeper and wider ever since the day he was born and doctors don’t have a clue what’s going on with it.

Pheaktra’s grandmother Thorn Hong is determined to find out though in order to save his life:

My daughter checked when she was three-months pregnant if anything was wrong and the doctors said everything was fine.

But at seven months they said there was a serious problem but it was too late to do anything.

Pheaktra was born with a crack in his head and it’s getting bigger all the time. I can put my hand inside the middle, it is very big.

Pheaktra’s father left before he was born so it’s just me and my daughter who take care of him. Doctors do not know what has caused this and they said there is nothing they can do.

Until he was five years old it seemed like there was water inside his head and it was swelling and getting bigger.

The children’s hospital give us some medicine but it is just to make Pheaktra feel better.

We pray everyday for somebody in the world that knows how to fix this.

Jesus. What an absolutely awful affliction to be born with. I hope the fact that this story has gone viral means that somebody in the world can fix this poor kid’s brain. It really is sad what’s happening to him. Fingers crossed.

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