7 Year Old Threatens Classmate With Knife While Telling Him To ‘F*ck Off Ginger’



It’s often said that being ginger is one of the worst characteristics that a person can be born with, and whilst I don’t endorse this, it seems that even little kids are getting the rough end of it after hearing this story of a 7-year-old in Hull.

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27-year-old mum of two Kim Adams explains what happens when she let her four year old Amelia and her older brother Keagan play out in the street on their own:

My little boy came running into the house saying “Mum, mum, he’s put a knife up to Amelia”.

Amelia said “he put a knife to my back mummy”. She was screaming and crying.

Keagan then told me the boy had put a knife up to him and called him a ginger little F*** and said he was going to kill him.

This was the first time Amelia had been allowed to play out and she was so excited. She had been asking to go out as soon as they got home from school.

It doesn’t bear thinking about what could have happened if he had actually used the knife.


I didn’t take them to school on Wednesday as they were both shaken up.

They kept asking me about the boy with a knife and worried he might come back.

Other parents need to be warned about what has happened.

Where does a young lad get hold of a knife like that from and why don’t his parents know about what he is doing?

That is a good question, although I get the feeling that Keagan and Amelia might be playing hookey rather than actually shaken up about the kid with the knife. Wouldn’t you if you were seven years old?

In all seriousness though it completely sucks that these kids got threatened with a knife just because of the way that they look and it’s also pretty messed up that a young kid is going around with a knife. I hope the police manage to sort him out and he isn’t already on a serious downward spiral.

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