Boy Gets Gifted Shark Repelling Armband; Instantly Gets Bitten By A Shark


Worst present ever.

I’m fairly certain that there’s not that much likelihood of getting bitten by a shark if you’re a surfer/windsurfer/water sport fanatic. Still, it’s probably good to have something like a shark repelling armband just for peace of mind. That’s if it actually works, of course.

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Zack Davis is a keen surfer and was probably fairly stoked to receive the Sharkbanz for Christmas, which claims to send out a magnetic signal that disrupts the electro receptors in a shark’s snout that they use to navigate. They’re supposed to cause them some discomfort but not actively harm them, which sets most people’s consciences at ease.

However, the first time Zack went out surfing at Avalon Beach State Park on North Hutchinson Island, he ended up getting bitten by a shark. Go figure:


It was like shocking. It wasn’t really painful. Honestly I wasn’t really in pain, I was just like ‘oh my gosh I need to do something with this quick,’ so I just took my leash from my board and just wrapped it around my arm because I didn’t want to lose any blood.

I just got out of the water as quickly as possible because I didn’t want to get hit again.

I got this for Christmas. It was supposed to keep sharks away and this was first time I wore it, and I go surfing a lot, but the first time I wore it – I get bit.


What an absolutely shit present. Zack now has a bunch of stitches in his arms and a giant jaw mark, as well as the trauma of having been bitten by a shark to deal with. Bullshit. His mother is hoping to get a refund for the $80 she spent on the Sharkbanz, but really she should probably be suing them and telling everyone that their stupid technology doesn’t work so that this doesn’t happen again. Not everyone is going to be as lucky/smart as Zack here.

For more sharks, did you know that they can now jump out of the water to get you? Terrifying.


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