Boxer’s Son Helps Dad Out By Sucker Punching Opponent In The Balls Before Fight

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Like father, like son.

The young son of WBO middleweight Billy Joe Saunders might’ve thought he was helping his dad out when he punched his opponent Willie Monroe in the groin during before the fight, but understandably Monroe is not happy about it.

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The weigh in was interrupted when the boxer’s son stood on the scales between the two men while they were posing for cameras ahead of their fight in London last week. Monroe went to tousle the young kid’s hair, only for him to punch and then kick him back. Not cool little dude.

According to the BBC, Monroe accused promoter Frank Warren of allowing the attack to happen, adding:

Warren should be ashamed of himself.

I’d be pretty pissed too, especially since Saunders seemed to just ignore the whole thing while it was going on. To make matters worse, his explanation on Twitter was pretty flimsy:

My son has been taught when a stranger puts their hands on them they don’t know, punch and run away self-defence.

Come on dude, he was simply tousling the kid’s hair and you know your opponent. From the smirk on his son’s face, he was anything but scared of this guy.

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