Boxer Ryan Garcia Gets Caught On Camera Cheating On His Wife With Instagram Model


I’m not gonna lie, I have absolutely no idea who Ryan Garcia is but it’s always funny when you find a video of someone getting busted for cheating on their wife – obviously not for their wife – so that’s why I’m writing up this story.

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Turns out 22 year old Ryan Garcia is perhaps even worse in this situation because he’s messing around on his pregnant fiancee here which is understandably a trash move when the woman is sitting at home looking after his unborn child whilst he’s out partying and getting some with a random Instagram model. Ryan was filmed making out with Malu Trevejo – apparently a big deal on Instagram – over the weekend in LA and not being very surreptitious about it:

Oops. Things went from bad to worse when his pregnant fiancee Drea Celina posted on social media saying that she was about to give birth in seven weeks and that he had told her that he had been training for a big fight.

Hot damn. Malu then moved to distance herself by uploading a video saying that he had no idea that Ryan was engaged and when she called him out about it he said that it’s because he and Drea were off and on. Oh dear.

What a mess! I can’t say I’m that bothered about it because I don’t know who anyone involved in it is or really care about them, but I can imagine the fallout will probably go on for a while and be fairly entertaining, so grab a pew and stay tuned!

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