Boxer Who Mocked Opponent’s Mum For Being Blind In One Eye Suffers Career-Threatening Eye Injury

What a brutal dose of karma.

At last week’s press conference between undefeated British boxing heavyweights Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce, there was an uncomfortable exchange between Dubois and Joyce’s mum Marvel, who was sitting in the crowd.

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Marvel, who is registered 93 per cent blind, asked:

Daniel, if you get ill before the fight, are you going to pull out?

To which Dubois replied:

No my dear. You know what, I’m gonna do you a favour.

Because you can’t see your son, after he’s been knocked out, you will be spared the heartache.

Well the two men went at it days later, and irony of ironies, Dubois (black trunks) ended up breaking his orbital bone and suffering bleeding in his retina. Here’s a compilation including highlights from the press conference, fight, and words from Marvel Joyce afterwards:

From what I’ve read, it looks as though Dubois may have picked up a career-ending injury there, though he may have saved himself by dropping to his knee before too much damage was done. Smart move for sure.

On the one hand it’s always great to see someone receive a healthy dose of karma after being unnecessarily dickish, but at the same time you never want to see someone pick up such a brutal injury, especially one that could potentially leave them physically impaired for life. Hopefully it’s not that serious and Dubois will be back in the ring again in no time.

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