All Hell Breaks Loose After Boxer Bites Off Opponent’s Ear During Live Boxing Match (FOOTAGE)

Astrit Klimenta Bites Ear


Shocking and tumultuous scenes over in Munich, Germany, where the cruiserweight boxing match between Austrian fighter Astrit Kilmenta and Serbia’s Andrej Pesic descended into chaos following Kilmenta’s decision to bite into the ear of his opponent, much like Mike Tyson did to Evander Holyfield back in 1997.

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Kilmenta was losing the fight against Pesic and tried a series of fouls against him in order to try and actually harm his opponent because he was so pissed off at the fact he was losing. This culminated in the ear bite, which caused Kilmenta to immediately be disqualified by the referee. In the resulting melee afterwards, Pesic’s trainer Alexander Petkovic  actually lamps the Austrian with a sweet left hook sucker punch as well.

What an absolute farce:

Oof. I don’t really know anything about anyone involved in this, but it sounds like Klimenta is an absolute dickhead and deserved to get clocked by the trainer at the end of the fight. Hopefully he’ll be suspended or fined too.

Petkovic – who won 50 of his 58 fights at heavyweight when he was a boxer – sounded pretty pleased with himself after the incident, saying the following:

He was expecting a right, but I took a step back and hit him with a left hook to the chin.

Sneaky, but I suppose you’ve gotta be nifty with your punches when you’re going up against a guy who might bite your ear off. For more of the same, here’s an England fan getting his ear ripped off in a racist attack during the 2014 World Cup.


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