Watch This Boxer Go NUTS Every Time The John Lewis Christmas Advert Comes On


This dog will make your day.

The John Lewis Christmas advert has proved to be a massively popular hit this year, not least of all with this boxer pup named Buzz who loses his shit whenever it comes on.

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Buzz’s owner Victoria uploaded this footage of her dog bouncing along with Buster (the dog in the advert), and promptly sent him viral:

Evidence #4,027 why dogs are better than humans and just generally the best creatures on the planet. You just cannot hit that level of genuine in-the-moment happiness unless you’re a dog.

Here’s the original advert in case you’ve been living under a rock this last week:

Hopefully Buster and Buzz can link up and hop around on a trampoline together some day. And maybe Buddy the rescue dog can join them?


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