Bouncer Wears GoPro On New Year’s Eve, Check Out All The Annoying Drunks He Has To Deal With

Whatever you did on NYE, be thankful you weren’t bouncing the doors at this place.

The only thing worse than ending up like one of this lot on NYE, was having to work on NYE — especially if work involves bouncing at the doors of a busy bar in the middle of London, Ontario over in Canada.

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As far as bouncers go, this one seems pretty patient and good-natured, though who knows –  that could be down to the fact he’s got the GoPro on recording his every move.

Watch below:

I guess that explains why there’s so many irritable arsehole bouncers about — they’ve got to deal with belligerent morons every night. There’s only so many times a man can answer the question “are you serious?” before losing his damn mind.

Still doesn’t excuse the behaviour of this Geordie bouncer about a year back, when he body-slammed a guy to death on the pavement. Brutal stuff.


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