Explosions Reported At The Boston Marathon

boston marathon featured

Some messed up shit is going down in Boston right now.

boston marathon featured

This is screwed up. Today was the day of the Boston Marathon and – as is the case with most marathons – a bunch of people from the area gathered around the course to see their friends and families compete. But then some dickhead decided to put a bomb really near the finish line at the junction of Boyleston Street and Exeter Street. Apparently there were two explosions within about 15 seconds of each other, and there are reports that store fronts in the area were blown out and there have been dozens of injuries. Some people are saying that several victims have lost limbs which is just one of the worst things ever aside from dying. The race has been stopped and the area has been evacuated.

Obviously this has just happened so there isn’t much information on it right now but if you head over to or other news sites they’re probably going to be constantly updating all night. There are a bunch of actual pictures and videos of the bombing and its immediate aftermath already available on the internet thanks to stuff like Twitter and Vine and even though I feel a bit icky about posting them I’ve stuck them below because you might as well hear about them from us rather than anyone else. This is completely messed up and the thoughts of everyone associated with Sick Chirpse are with the people of Boston right now. I guess at the moment people are assuming it’s some kind of terrorist attack but it really could be anything. Shit is messed up.

Here’s some pictures and news reports of the scenes at the end of the marathon and the explosion. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have some more information on this. I ripped most of this off deadspin – they seem to be covering it pretty well so if you want to find out more head over there, because we won’t be doing updates all night. Shit is pretty real and pretty horrific though. Not good.

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Boston Marathon Aftermath


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