Bitter Boss Tells ‘Depressed Snowflakes’ Not To Apply For Job At His Company (VIDEO)

bitter boss

If David Brent made job ads.

Bosses can be a-holes at the best of the times, but the guy in this video takes the douchebaggery to an entirely new level.

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Gerald O’Shaughnessy, 45, put the ad out for a social media marketing role for his advertising company Business Marketing Services Ltd (BMS) in Yorkshire.

However, not only does he have a no phones policy (despite the fact that the role is centred around, you know, social media), but he also requests “snowflakes”, phone addicts, partiers and women with “psycho boyfriends” to not apply.

Oh, and he has a go at people for “self-inflicted” depression and anxiety disorders and refers to drugs as “pharmaceuticals”. Nice one, Gez.

In case you didn’t catch any of that, here’s his speech:

What I’m not looking for is the following: I’m not looking for somebody that has an anxiety and depression disorder that kicks in round about Monday after the weekend.

Obviously anxiety and depression is a really serious issue affecting a lot of people but not if you’re going out at the weekend and taking various pharmaceuticals, then it’s self-inflicted.

We’re also looking to get somebody involved who’s not got a psycho boyfriend who rings your phone up 25 times a day and texts you a million times a day, forcing you to text back, driving you mad and driving me mad.

We also don’t want someone who’s addicted to their phone so if the thought of you putting your phone down for three seconds and working for a company that only allows you to put your phone back on at 12 o’clock in your break times this job’s definitely not for you, ok?

So, if none of the above sounds like you and you fancy working in a really crappy office environment where you just know the boss is channelling the David Brent vibes, apply today.

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